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Slow Fashion Frosting

It’s slow fashion October and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about joy and color. Knitting brings me joy. So does sewing. I just finished what are basically my neon yellow basecamp socks. I’ve also been making project bags that are bright! Bright! Bright! IMG_3709

The thing that I loooooove about making anything is the frivolous fabrics and crazy prints and wild textures–what Kelli of TrueBias recently described as “frosting.” ya’ll, I LOVE FROSTING. (this is both a literal truth and a metaphor).

But when I buy things to wear, it’s all kale: navy, black, grey, grey, grey. (yep, 90s me thinks immediately of Ani DiFranco’s anthem of depression. maybe you do too?).

So when Karen Templer asked “what’s your look,” it has me thinking. Am I frosting or kale? Should I be making more kale? Or should I be wearing more frosting? Should I be trying to find style inspiration of folks who walk the line between the two? (Haha now i’m thinking of Johnny Cash.)

Frosting icons: Maya jankelowitz, Mindy Kaling, Tracey Ellen Ross, Linda Rodin, Victoria of SewVee, Alex of SewHappy, early Heather Lou makes, even my friend Ayanna, who does not do social media but really can rock a print sundress.

Screenshot 2018-10-02 11.25.02.png

Screenshot 2018-10-02 10.56.05

Kale icons: Karen Templer, of course, recent heather lou makes, Mac of SewAlteredStyle, Pauline Alice (hat tip to the Fair Stitch for this one!) and my friend Gayle (who asked me to make her a shawl in brown yarn. A beautiful ombre brown yarn but BROWN YARN people). oh, and pretty much anyone who wears linen pants.

Can I have my kale and eat my frosting at the same time? (Blech). What if i’m over forty, overweight, and overworked? Should I just buy a bright lipstick, keep knitting crazy colored socks and just not worry so much about having “a look”?

We’ll see… Right now my crazy-colored Darumi is still on the needles; I’m on “sleeve island” as Kristen of voolenvine would say. (I’m knitting them flat, per Karen Templer’s excellent advice posted here). I’m also knitting sparkly-blue socks in Miss Babs estrellita yarn in half-past midnight. FROSTING.

But my next knitting project is a grey colored “uniform” cardigan in the sumptuous De Rerum Natura Gilliat. Hoping I can try to find the balance between color and neutrals, joy and sanity.


Postscript: the next song after Ani’s Grey was 32 flavors. haha, here’s to frosting.


2 thoughts on “Slow Fashion Frosting

  1. To me, kale and frosting both have a place in my wardrobe. I recently bought some plain white t-shirts from Marks and Spencer while feeling guilty and liberated at the same time. I know I can whip up a t-shirt in an hour, but do I want to spend precious time sewing plain white t-shirt? Nope.

    Incidentally, I’m currently working on Hinterland dress (a dress to me is frosting) in plain olive green cotton-linen fabric, as plain as they come. Got me thinking, is this kale flavoured frosting? Hahaha 😂


    1. kale frosting, ftw! I’ve had my eye on the hinterland, too! Can’t wait to see yours… I just love sewliberated’s patterns but i’ve yet to make one! I also love the beauty of a simple white or black t-shirt (which i agree are NO FUN to make). But they sure do help with wearing prints…

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