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Landers: skinny legs and all!

Lander pants! Lander shorts, too! wahoo!


Folks, I was as obsessed with the Lander pants when they came out last year as all y’all. I bought the pattern right away even though I had only ever made a pair of pull-on pants and the thought of button-holes terrified me. I bought some lightweight denim. I may have even bought a button-holer for my vintage machine. I wanted them and I wanted them hard. Sewing skills, be damned.

I followed the hashtag and I liked all of your pictures and your lander-pants-dances, (especially the lander pants dances). They just looked so good on everyone! I wanted that joy and the happiness of a killer fit with pockets.

But of course the package sat there for a year, taunting me.  Everyone talked about how great they were, especially when altered for fit. But the fit issues they solved for people mostly seemed to involve altering them for a narrow-waist-to-larger-hips ratio (Haaaai Pears), a ratio that I know makes it very hard to wear pants (so you go girl!) but to this wider-waist-to-narrow-hips gal (booo apple!) still seems like fit issues one wants to have. I think it means you’re curvy in a good way! I think I am curvy in a not good way: short, with a wide waist, skinny legs and all (as either Tom Robbins or James Brown or Joe Tex would say!)

As I stalked the Landers hashtag, it felt like no one, and I do mean no one, talked about this fitting issue. But then I saw Brooke’s post and I realized that I was not alone in this particular fit issue (even if I was way bigger in size!) And then I read Patricia’s post, and I felt bolstered even more. She sewed the same size as me and they looked great on her! (whispers: lander magic).

It was time. IT WAS TIME.  I started to eye the Lander package again. I wanted in.  I watched Jessamy make two pairs out of an amazing mustard yellow denim. Why make just pants when you could make pants and shorts? Yes, Jessamy. YES.

And then the amazing Mac of Sew Altered Style encouraged us all to make some well-fitting pant with their “make a muslin” challenge.” Yes, Mac. YES.

So I psyched myself up and found some fabric and I made myself a muslin. It was apple-AND pear-printed quilting cotton that I thrifted. So appropriate to celebrate all the pear- AND apple-shaped sewists out there rocking our lander pants. My first version looked awful. But then I realized i had to take three inches out of the length of the waist  (hello where my short-waisted people at?)  And maybe scoop out the front crotch a tiny bit. And take in the sides, like a lot, even after grading from size 16 to size 10. But I was ready.


Sort of. I was still scared. So I thought maybe i’d try to find some pants to refashion into Landers as a kind of practice test. It was therefashioners season, right? That seemed like a good plan, right? And so that’s how I found myself wandering the thrift store, holding an ugly pair of white linen pants when i saw them in the distance (ie the men’s rack). Two pairs of pristine men’s pants, the exact shade of Lander-pant maroon on the package. Everything fell into place: I could make a wearable muslin! I could refashion them! I could make pants and shorts! They were red!


And guess what? It worked! I hand sewed parts of the waistband and the pockets and then I took them apart and took in the waist some more so that they fit super tight and I love them. (There may have been a dance.)


Hooray! and the best part?


Holly was here, skinny legs and all!


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